Academic Advising Center

Probation and Suspension

If you are advised by the Academic Advising Center and if you are on academic probation or suspension, you would need to be reinstated by the Academic Advising Center in order to register for classes or retain already registered classes for the following semester. Students petitioning for reinstatement for the summer semester will be reviewed on a case by case basis. The Academic Advising Center is committed to helping students reinstated from probation or suspension establish a strong foundation for academic success.  Detailed discussion during advising appointments can help students learn to set positive goals and build action plans to reach those goals.

Probation Reinstatement

Probation reinstatement requires that a student meet with an advisor and submit an action plan for success. Probation reinstatement is only available prior to the beginning of the semester.

 Suspension Reinstatement

 Suspension reinstatement requires that the student perform the following steps in the order listed:

  1. serve their suspension term
  2. meet with an advisor to discuss the process of reinstatement and obtain a suspension checklist
  3. submit a reinstatement letter, suspension checklist, and unofficial transcripts from institutions attended while away from UTEP (if applicable)
  4. schedule an appointment with the academic suspension committee through the front desk of the Academic Advising Center
  5. meet with the academic suspension committee

There is no guarantee that students seen by the committee will be reinstated. Suspension reinstatement committee appointments are available on a first come, first served basis. Appointments with the academic suspension committee must be made prior to the date of the appointment. After the last listed committee date, suspension reinstatement is no longer available for a given semester. Students who miss the deadline to be reinstated for the next semester can check for new committee dates for the following term in February (for fall reinstatement) or September (for spring reinstatement). All upcoming Suspension Reinstatement Committee dates for the fall 2017 semester are as follows:

 Month Day

Dates are subject to change. Call the front desk of the Academic Advising Center at (915) 747-5290 for questions about appointment availability.

A catalog description of probation and suspension can be found at:



Student Success Tips: Taking advantage of these tips will help give students an idea of study/note taking habits to improve how, when and how much to study.

Student Checklist: This list details what Probationary students and START students advised by the Academic Advising Center need to do for their checkup and advising appointments.

Advising Assignment: A brief assignment to be completed by the student and returned during their one time check appointment.  Students will fill out their own personal information; classes,  their professors/TAs information and their advisor's information to enhance better communication skills.

Campus Resources: A list of important departments, tutoring centers, workshops, and seminars to help you.