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The Rwanda Research Group traveled to Rwanda for the first time in January 2008 to answer the question "what does 'good governance' mean to the people leading Rwanda's public sector?" They gathered answers from respondents in the government, United Nations, at embassies, and in NGOs. The RRG's rhetoric/public administration report suggests that the term 'good governance' means a great many things to many different people; it's operationalization is even more complex!

The Grant
A team of UTEP students and faculty, led by Dr. Ryan, will compile the first dataset and major report on master's degree education in Rwanda. In summers 2010 and 2011, they will travel to the country to survey thousands of college students and interview hundreds of college students, faculty, and administrators about master's degree seeking attitudes and behaviors. They will also assess Rwanda's first M.A. program in gender studies. In a country where more than 2/3 of the
population are under 25 and public sector leaders are relatively young and inexperienced, this study is about more than just credentialing. According to Ryan, "the nation's leaders are young and brilliant but undereducated. As they attempt to position the country within the global economy and serve the poorest of the poor, they need more education. Rwanda's leaders want in-country M.A. and Ph.D. options, but there are few right now. Their educational advancement translates into better policymaking for the poorest of the poor - including the illiterate farmwomen that are the heart of Rwanda. M.A.s for some today could translate into better policymaking and more opportunities for poor women and their children tomorrow."

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