University of Texas at El Paso

KJ Hays

Things I Take for Granted:


Having a full, rosy long throat lined with shiny mucus.
The capacity to have sex with a relatively attractive
                              alley. The fact that there won't be a fire escape there.
              That I would not know how to reply to someone costumed as God who said he was watching over us when we did it.
                               I'll only appreciate the difference between fake tits and real tits with 4 senses because:

              I would be thrilled if the alley girl made me swear an oath with the word "trenchcoats" in                   it


                      morning after.
                                      I am Okay with sleeping in an alley with the right person.
People will not look at you when your heart is a cripple looking for a place to rest forever.

A tattoo would be an acceptable substitute for this fantasy.

My poetry has a suggestion box:

1. Who does tattoos cheap?

2. Does she work in a back alley?

3. Is there wheelchair access?

KJ hails from Orange County, CA where he does pull ups in a dimly lit room. Other than that, he plans on doing what he always does: take it easy. Some of KJ's publications include: Strong Verse, Yellow Mama, and decomp. Say hi: