Center for Civic Engagement

The Center for Civic Engagement is dedicated to the cultivation of excellence in the UTEP community, by encouraging students like you to enrich the surrounding borderland region. Listed below are ways that you can utilize your Service Learning and volunteer experience to receive UTEP credit, or service recognition. To learn how to get involved click here.

Mine Tracker is a program designed to allow students like you to feature their extracurricular activities on their academic transcript. Through Mine Tracker, you can chose to follow numerous activity plans and be honored for a level of achievement at graduation (one of which is the “Civic Engagement” route). Service Learning completed through the Center for Civic Engagement may be counted towards this program; for more information on how to achieve this please read the information below.

How to acquire credit through Mine Tracker:

1. Fill out this form, and attach any documentation of your service that will aid the Center for Civic Engagement in approving your Mine Tracker request (Timesheet, Completion Certificate, etc.).

2. Please submit form to the Center for Civic Engagement via email at cce@utep.edu, or in person (Benedict Hall, Rm 101).

3. After you have submitted all required paperwork, the Center for Civic Engagement will approve your request, and update your Mine Tracker account. You will be notified via your UTEP e-mail on the status of your request.

Your volunteer service is valuable in more ways than once! It gave you a great experience and you made a great impact on our society, and you should include it in your resume. Click here to find out how to add your volunteer activities in your resume.