Minor in Communication      

Students need to complete:


  • COMM 1370: Introduction to Communication Studies

    This is an introduction to the various fields of communication.

  • COMM 2371: Writing for the Mass Media

    Fundamentals of news writing and story structures with emphasis on development of information-gathering skills as well as journalistic style. Concentration on print media.
    Prerequisite: ENGL 1311 AND ENGL 1312, or COMM 1611 and ENGL 1312, COMM 1370, sophomore standing and course fee required. (COMM 2300 is not a required prerequisite.)

  • COMM 3371: Communication Theory and Analysis

    This class covers various communication theory that apply to all communication disciplines, ranging from intrapersonal communication to mass communication.
    Prerequisite: COMM 1370 and junior standing.

ELECTIVES (9 hours)

Select 9 hours of any upper-division course

  • COMM 3300 - 4300

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