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GK-12 Resources & Kits.

These kits were assembled and used during the Summer Institute by Becky Marin.

Sustainable Supermarket Science
     Students use the scientific method to test products they buy in their local supermarket to determine if products made or produced in a more sustainable manner are indeed a tasteful or useful product.

Sun's Position & Climate Change
     Students build a sundail to learn about the sun's position n the sky, how it changes through the year, and how it affects the Earth's physical and biological processes due to changes in the sun's position, length of day, and incoming solar radiation.

Mapping - "Getting to Know Your Site"
     Students will understand what it means to monitor an ecosystem and get to know some of the tools and advances used in monitoring. They will  understand remote sensing and its practical implications. They will also understand the use of GIS and its practical implications.

Impacts on Our Environment: Erosion
Canopy vs Interspace Material
  Students will learn what land cover change is and be able to list examples and causes of land cover change. They will be able to identify types of land cover change in the desert southwest and know that desertification and shrub encroachment are examples.  They will identify and categorize causes of land cover change as natural events or human impacts and the potential consequences associated with human activities on these ecosystems.  They will know that deserts are valuable and have ecological goods and produce ecological services and that human activities and natural events can change the natural world.

These resources were donated to the program and contain sample lessons.

Discover a Watershed; Rio Grande/Rio Bravo - Reference and Activity Guide
The Good Earth; Introduction to Earth Science
Teaching Green; The High School Years
- Hands-on Learning in Grades 9-12
Power Struggles; Successful Techniques for Educators - Allen N. Mendler, Ph.D., Discipline Assoc.


The Classroom Teacher's Desktop Mentor; 75 Easy-Reference Answers To Discipline Problems

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