UTEP in Indonesia... again

UTEP in IndonesiaIn the picture: A group photo of MA students in Indonesia graduating in 2010. Back row: Ismail Pong, Hari Kushardanto, Nanda, Ade Yuliani, Sari Wiralani, Suzie Ramlee, Nani Saptariani, Galuh, Asti Tyas, Dr. Stacey Sowards, Ewonk Santoso, Indra Harwanto. Front row: Wahyudi, Bobby Nopandry, Istiyarto Ismu, Efrizal Adil, Shaumill Hadi.

Dr. Stacey Sowards and four UTEP students from El Paso traveled to Indonesia during the summer of 2010 to meet UTEP MA students who are completing their degrees in Communication. Eleven students will be graduating in 2010, while a new cohort of 10 students just started their coursework in May of 2010.

Anthony Jimenez, Davi Kallman, Lucia Murguia, and Lorena Mondragon started research projects on the campaign activities that are a major part of the MA degree for the students in Indonesia. Along with Dr. Sowards, they visited the campaign site of Indra Harwanto at Ujung Kulon National Park in Banten Province, the campaign site of Nani Saptariani at Gunung Halimun-Salak National Park in West Java Province, and the campaign site of Istiyarto Ismu in West Bali National Park. Each of the campaign managers identify key conservation threats and then develop a social marketing strategy to overcome barriers for effective conservation.

As part of the MA program, they study communication research methods, social marketing, leadership, and conservation biology. Key aspects of their campaigns include building pride within local communities, developing community empowerment and awareness, and working with local leaders and volunteers to create social and conservation change.

UTEP in IndonesiaIn the picture:A group photo of new cohort of MA students in Indonesia with students from El Paso.

UTEP in IndonesiaIn the picture:From left to right: Anthony Jimenez, Davi Kallman, head of Kanopi, Lucia Murguia, Dr. Stacey Sowards, Lorena Mondragon, Indra Harwanto.
Dr. Stacey Sowards and 4 students from El Paso visited the Rare conservation campaign site of Indra Harwanto, UTEP MA student. His campaign is located in Banten Province of Indonesia, in Ujung Kulon National Park. In this photo, UTEP students met with one of the campaign volunteers, the head of Kanopi, a local organization.

UTEP in IndonesiaIn the picture:From left to right: Lucia Murguia, Dr. Stacey Sowards, Nani Saptariani, Davi Kallman, Lorena Mondragon, Anthony Jimenez.
Nani Saptariani, a UTEP MA student in the Department of Communication, has been working over the last two years to implement her conservation campaign in the Gunung Halimun-Salak National Park in West Java, Indonesia. Dr. Stacey Sowards and four students from El Paso visited her campaign site and office in July, 2010.

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