The Finish@UT Program enables students to complete the BMS degree online from a consortium of UT System schools that includes UT El Paso, UT Arlington, UT Brownsville, and UT Permian Basin. The Finish@UT program offers online courses in long-semester as well as accelerated 7-8 week sessions.

If you choose to select UTEP as your institutional home, please be sure to consult the UTEP Undergraduate Catalog and speak with your academic advisor for institutional residency requirements as students must meet the 30-hour residency requirement to complete the degree.

For more information on Finish@UT, please visit the website.

Finish@UT Registration

Finish@UT students can register for courses using the UT Online Consortium (UTOC) and Telecampus Information System (TIS).

At the UTOC site,, you can find information regarding online courses and the Finish@UT Programs offered by the UT Campuses.

For more information regarding TIS, please visit

Process to register for courses:
1. Create a Student Account
2. Look up courses and add to cart
3. Submit your cart

How courses are approved:

1. Once cart is submitted your BMS Academic Advisor will receive a notification for approval. 

2.  Advisor will confirm the courses selected can be used towards the degree and either approve or deny courses.

3. If course is denied, you will receive a notification email that the course has been denied by your Advisor. If course is approved, the Host Campus Registrar will be required to confirm if the course is still available for registration. The Host Campus Registrar will either approve or deny the course.

4. If course is denied, you will receive a notification email that the course has been denied by the Host Campus Registrar. If the course is approved, you will receive notification via email that you have been registered for the course.

Finish@UT and Financial Aid

You are responsible for paying tuition and fees to each institution with which you are enrolled. Institutions disperse financial aid 10 days prior to the start of the semester, but they DO NOT transfer money to your Host Campus for tuition payment. 

If your Home Campus does not disperse your financial aid award in time to pay your Host Campus tuition bill, you are responsible for making arrangements to pay the tuition by the deadline. Otherwise, you will be dropped from your courses at that campus.