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UTEP Representative at EPCC

EPCC students interested in transferring to UTEP can speak with a UTEP admissions representative on Tuesdays from 9 am- 4 pm at the Transfer Center Rm. A1427 in the Valle Verde Campus.

We are here to guide your transition from EPCC to UTEP. In addition, EPCC Counselors, faculty, and staff may find useful information to guide their students through the transfer process.

Resources For Transitioning to UTEP

EPCC Counseling DepartmentRead More


The Counseling Department provides students with Recruitment and Outreach Activities, New Student Orientations, Academic Advising, Career Exploration, and Personal Adjustment Counseling.

UTEP Academic Advising CenterRead More


The Academic Advising Center, like the EPCC Counseling Center's academic advising, helps the majority of freshmen and sophomore students register for classes and guides them through a degree plan.

Advising by College at UTEPRead More


Students not advised by the academic department or college and those with a minimum of 60 credits are advised by their academic department or college.

Concurrent EnrollmentRead More


Concurrent enrollment allows students to attend EPCC and UTEP at the same time. Through the Financial Aid Consortium Agreement, students who receive Federal Financial Aid at UTEP may apply it to courses at EPCC.

UTEP Representative at EPCCRead More


EPCC students interested in transferring to UTEP can speak with a UTEP admissions representative on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9 am-4 pm at the Transfer Center Rm. A1427 in the Valle Verde campus.

Degree Plans ToolRead More


The Degree Plans Tool gives prospective and current students the opportunity to review the course requirements for different degree plans based on majors and minors selected.

Reverse TransferRead More


UTEP supports the Reverse Transfer of credits from UTEP to EPCC so students, who have 15 semester credit hours minimum from EPCC, can earn their associate degrees from EPCC. Without having to do or pay anything, students are rewarded for credit they have already earned.
The Chronicle of Higher Education "Reverse-Transfer Programs Reward Students and Colleges Alike".

EPCC-UTEP Degree Agreements

A 2+2 Degree Plan is a contractual agreement between EPCC and UTEP that guides students through a written pathway of about half of their credits at EPCC and the other half of their credits at UTEP.

Advantages of a 2+2 degree plan include:
• a defined pathway to graduation
• greater likelihood of gaining credit for transferable courses,
• graduating with fewer extra credit hours, and
• obtaining an associate's degree and a bachelor's degree

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