University of Texas at El Paso
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Ector Martell is a graduate student, currently working on his Master’s degreeat the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences in December 2011. For the last 2 years of his undergraduate studies, Ector worked with benthic aquatic macro invertebrates of spring-fed streams in New Mexico’s Sacramento Mountains. He used them to assess changes in community structure and function brought on by anthropogenic disturbances. With recent events bringing attention to drought and wildfires in the Southwestern U.S., Ector has decided to continue his studies in this region and focusing on the impact of wildfires on aquatic insect communities and the associated wetland habitats, using his previous research as a foundation for his new project. In addition to his research, Ector will be using his knowledge as a researcher to be a scientist in residence at one of El Paso’s Early College High Schools as part of the NSF Graduate STEM Fellows in K-12 Education program.

Teacher: Helen brewer 

Mission Campus