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TPW Certificate program!

The TPW certificate program is designed for current graduate students, mid-career professionals, and military personnel who seek to strengthen their technical and professional writing skills and their knowledge of how to use new media and communication technologies to enrich communication. 

Program highlights:
- Exclusively online
- Student-centered
- Can be completed in two semesters
- Four courses (12 credit hours):
RWS 5312 Technical Writing
RWS 5313 Grant Writing
RWS 5315 Professional Writing
RWS 5317 Editing

See Program Description for more information on courses.

New Student Admission:
- Graduate School Application
- Transcripts
- Statement of Purpose
- Bachelor’s degree 
- Minimum 2.5 GPA

UTEP Graduate Student Admission:
- Statement of purpose to Dr. Posey

Visit our Admission page for more information on the application process.  More information about the program is available here

Application Deadline
for Spring 2018 enrollment:
December 22, 2017
 TPW Students Complete Certificate 

Congratulations to the following students who completed their certificates in May 2017:

Arnetta Batemon 
Naomi Klein Cortez
Margaret Johnson
Sergio Mendez
Mattison Miertschin
Michael Nielsen 
Mercedes Olivas 
Jaime Vega 
Lori Whitaker
Jennifer Wilhite 

Contact Information:

Terry Quezada, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor in Practice
Rhetoric and Writing Studies 
Hudspeth 209
Department of English
University of Texas at El Paso