Linguistics BA with 

Speech Pathology Minor

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Linguistics major with 

Speech-Language Pathology Minor

Students seeking admission to the Master of Science programin Speech-Language Pathology under ‘Option C’ may become qualified applicantsto that program by pursuing the BA in Linguistics in combination with theLiberal Arts minor in Speech-Language Pathology.  These students mustdeclare their intention to do this to the Linguistics Program Director and willbe jointly advised by Linguistics and Speech-Language Pathology.

The Linguistics Major:

27 Hours Minimum

Core Courses:  12 hours 

__________LING/ANTH/ENGL 2320  Introduction toLinguistics

__________LING 3301 Phonological Analysis (LING 2320)

__________LING 3302 Syntactic Analysis (LING 2320)

__________LING/PSYCH 4316 Language & Cognition (PSYC 1301or LING 2320)


Elective Courses: select 15 semester hoursfrom the courses listed below

________________________ __________________________

________________________ __________________________




Courses to choose from (prereqs sketched in( )s--see catalog):

LING 2322 Building Vocabulary Skills in English

LING 3307 English Phonetics & Phonology (ENGL 1312/1313or ESOL 1312)

LING 3308 Methods of TESOL (ENGL 1312/1313 or ESOL 1312)

LING 3309 The Structure of Spanish (SPAN 2302/2304/exam plusdept. approval)

LING 3311 Spanish Phonetics & Phonology (SPAN2302/2304/exam)

LING 3313 English Historical Linguistics ENGL 2311/2312 orLING 2320)

LING 3314 Structure of English for Language Professionals(ENGL 1312/1313 or ESOL 1312)

LING 3315 History of the Spanish Language (SPAN2302/2304/exam)

LING 3357 Sociolinguistics 

LING 4306 Language Acquisition (LING 2320 and 3301/3302)

LING 4348 Analysis of Second Language Acquisition

LING 4371 Studies in Linguistics (may be repeated once whentopic varies) (6 hrs LING 3/4300)


Also,  3-4 hours of SPLP courses listed below under‘electives’ for the minor but not taken in the minor may be counted for thesestudents toward the Linguistics major.



The Speech-Language Pathology Minor: 

Core courses (6 hours):

_____SPLP 1312 Survey of Speech, Hearing, and Language Disorders

_____SPLP 4309 Audiology 

Electives:12-13 hours selected from the following:

_____SPLP 2111 General Phonetics Laboratory

_____SPLP 2313 General Phonetics

_____SPLP 2320 Hearing Science

_____SPLP 3310 Language Development

_____SPLP 3312 Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism

_____SPLP 4312 Neural Bases of Speech and Language  

For students pursuing admission to the MS in Speech-LanguagePathology, the SPLP course(s) not selected as a part of the minor (totaling 3-4 hours) maybe used as elective credit in the Linguistics major.

Advising For Ling/SLP Students 

1.  Complete the Univ. Core Curriculum this way:

            Engl 1311, 1312 (or ESOL)

            Comm 130 or

            Univ 1301 or

            Hist 13

            Pol Sci 23

            Math 1320

            Biol 1305, 1306 + labs

            Psyc 1301

            Any Lower Div Humanities

            Any Lower Div Fine Arts           

2.  Complete the Liberal Arts Core this way.

            3 hrs upper div Humanities + 3 hrsupper div Soc Sci + 3 hrs upper div Fin Art

            9 hrs upper div  in any of these three areas

            3-12 hrs in Languagerequirement. 

3.  Complete the Ling major this way.

            Ling 2320, 3301, 3302, 4316, 3357 +4 addnl Ling courses

4.  Take these additional courses (necessary fortaking the SLP courses). 

            Biol 2111 + lab  (technically, only these, but if they want toapply to the Master's, then also Psyc 1303, 2310)

5.  Complete the SLP minor this way, in thisorder.

            SPLP 1312, 2313/2111, 3310, 3312,2320, 4312 or 4309