Center for Civic Engagement

About the Nonprofit Directory

The Center for Civic Engagement first published its Nonprofit Directory when the need arose to have a listing of nonprofit organizations in the area. Organizations were oftentimes not listed in the yellow pages, and if they were, it was not easy to understand the types of services that they offered.

The Nonprofit Directory is meant to help service providers, businesses, public entities, and individuals identify organizations based on mission, focus, service areas, etc. For the past decade, the directory has been updated every two years.

We count on organizations self-selecting to be part of the directory. It is also a great way for others to know about you as well as to collectively provide a visual of the wonderful work that is taking place in the community. 

New Feature 
This year we ask that you include one or two sentences about your organization outside of the mission and services description. If you have a slogan, a recent award, accreditation, or new service, we would love to have you feature it.

Be part of the next Directory
We are now accepting submissions from community-based organizations to be included in the 2014-2016 Nonprofit Directory. If you wish to include your organization, please complete the form and submit it to the Center for Civic Engagement via cce@utep.edu.

DOWNLOAD: Request to Update Information Form

If you were included in the past and would like to have your information remain the same, please contact us so we can be sure to include your organization. If you are unsure of what was included about your organization in the past, we will be happy to  send you a copy of your organization's page via e-mail or fax.