Teaching History and Geography for the 21st Century through Digital Maps
Teaching for the 21st Century through Digital Maps    

"Teaching History and Geography for the 21st Century through Digital Maps," an initiative which ran from January of 2014 through June of 2015, endeavored to develop Texas students’ understanding of local, national, and world history and geography through the use of digital maps. Six workshops designed by high school educators for high school educators introduced the concepts and theory of the digital humanities to teachers, who were then able to engage El Paso-area students with state-of-the-art history and geography research accessible online through Hypercities.com, Google Earth, and other Geographic Information System (GIS) sites. Utilizing the illustrative power of digital maps, the project explored the cultural, political, linguistic, economic, and social dynamics of the borderlands of the United States and Mexico, and the idea and concept of borders in the world.

Teachers who attended the workshops received lesson plans utilizing digital maps, a detailed description explaining the TEKS concepts covered by each lesson plan, a copy of Mills Kelly’s Teaching History in the Digital Age, and a guide to various digital humanities websites.  Many of those resources are available on this website.


Humanities Texas          Center for History Teaching & Learning

The workshop series was funded by Humanities Texas, the state partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities, along with UTEP's Center for History Teaching and Learning.


Key Project Staff
Project Director
Dr. Brad Cartwright, UTEP
Project Coordinator
Principal Investigator
Aaron Margolis, UTEP
Dr. Yolanda Leyva, UTEP
Project Facilitators Louie Alvarado, Socorro ISD
Mario Lucero, Ysleta ISD

Advisory Committee

Dr. Andrew Torget, Assistant Professor of History, University of North Texas

Dr. Jan Reiff, Associate Professor of History, UCLA

Dr. Keith A. Erekson, Associate Professor of History, UTEP

Roy Torres, Social Studies Consultant, Education Service Center-Region 19

"I am writing to you in regards to the training on Digital Maps you gave this past fall semester at Americas High School. It was by far one of the best content trainings we have had on our campus. The resources we received during the training have helped us improve our teaching. They have also amplified the ways we think about and teach space and change over time—these skills are not only necessary for student success in Social Studies but also in postsecondary settings. We, along with our students, have no doubt benefited greatly from this training. Thank you!" 

Eduardo Hinojos, Americas High School


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