About Us    

Our Legal Psychology program began with a traditional focus on issues surrounding jury decision-making, eyewitness testimony, and interrogations.  In recent years, the focus of our program has shifted to become more offender oriented.  Although we still study traditional issues surrounding Legal Psychology, our more recent emphasis has been on assessing, managing, and rehabilitating offenders.  Our program provides unique opportunities for research and scholarship at the nexus between several sub-fields of psychology (e.g., like clinical, developmental, and social/personality) and criminology, corrections, and the law.  

We welcome students and collaborators who are interested in not only traditional areas of legal psychology scholarship (such as child suggestibility and terrorist interrogation), but those who may be seeking emerging research areas in the field, such as: mental health and the law, offender rehabilitation, offender risk assessment, effective probation practices, criminal identity, race/ethnicity issues in the law, white collar crime, and offender personality.