The University of Texas at El Paso National Security Studies Institute National Security Studies Institute
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Dr. Stephen J. Coulthart
sjcoulthart@utep.eduIntelligence Analysis/Methodology, Program Policy Evaluation, Counterterrorism Policy, Middle Eastern Security
Dr. Misty C. Duke
mcduke@utep.eduLegal Psychology, Intelligence Interviewing
Dr. Bridget R. Nolan
brnolan@utep.eduUS intelligence community, terrorism, counterterrorism, organizations, organizational culture
Dr. Gabriella E. Transnational Organized Crime, Border Crossings and Human Mobility Efforts, Resistance and Insurgent Movements
Dr. Larry A. Valero   
U.S. Intelligence and National Security, Strategy, Modern Warfare

Defense and Strategic Studies (DSS) Faculty Minimize    

Dr. Paul D. Ashbypdashby@utep.eduNorth American Regional Security and Political Economy, U.S. Foreign Policy
Dr. Joseph P. Bassijpbassi@utep.eduHistory of Science and Technology, US National Security, Space Policy
Dr. Brett Morris
bemorris@utep.eduStrategic Studies, Middle Eastern Security, Information Operations
Dr. Michael B. McGee
mbmcgee2@utep.eduAviation (manned and unmanned), Defense, Security Cooperation, Conflict Resolution, Terrorism, and Security Related Subjects.
Dr. James McNabb China, Iranian-Saudi Competition, and Terrorism 
Col J.P. Peltierjnpeltier@utep.eduAfrican Security, Intelligence, Special Operations
Dr. Christine Sixta Rinehart
csrinehart@utep.eduSecurity Studies, Terrorism, Conflict Resolution
Dr. Daniel E. Szarke
African Security, Neopartrimonialism, Decentralization, and Weak and Failing States

NSSI Affiliated/Adjunct Faculty Minimize    

Dr. Raed Aldouriraeda@utep.eduGeographic Information Systems
Mr. Louis Barraganlebarragan@utep.eduHomeland Security, National Security, Law Enforcement Intelligence, Counterterrorism
Ms. Joanne Bates
Public Health and Homeland Security, Emergency Management
Dr. Mario Caire
Cybersecurity, Cyberspace and National Security
Commander Paul Crosspcross@utep.eduLaw Enforcement Intelligence, Border Security, Homeland Security
Mr. David Field Research, Border Security, Homeland Security
Dr. Geoff Hammghamm@utep.eduHistory of International Relations, Middle East, History of Espionage
Mr. Mark K. Gorman
mkgorman@utep.eduIntelligence and security, strategy and military operations, technical collection methods
Mr. David Jimenezdjimenez2@utep.eduLaw Enforcement Intelligence, Border Security, Homeland Security
Mr. Jose P. Jimenezjpjimenez@utep.eduTransnational Organized Crime & associated Criminal Street Gangs, Homeland security/terrorism 
Ms. Melinda Lauckmlauck@utep.eduHomeland Security, Legal Issues in Homeland Security, Law Enforcement
Mr. James Leimanjkleiman@utep.eduIntelligence, Security Management, Cybersecurity
Mr. Daniel Lindstromdllindstrom@utep.eduTerrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Counterintelligence
Mr. Thomas Lott
talott@utep.eduNational Security Studies, Counterterrorism, Homeland Security, and U.S. Intelligence Community 
Dr. Agustin Maciel-Padillaamacielpadilla@utep.eduMexican National Security, Border Security, Intelligence Analysis
Ms. Lesley Rockwellllrockwell@utep.eduIntelligence Analysis, Intelligence Writing and Briefing, Counterterrorism
Dr. Joseph Ulatowskijwulatowski@utep.eduPhilosophy of Cognitive Science, Ethics and Security
Dr. Jeffrey S. Young
jsyoung@utep.eduNational Security and Intelligence Law

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Ms. Carmen Medellin                         Program Coordinator/Manager and Academic Advisor for the INSS, DSS. and BASS programs.