The Master of Arts Program at the Department of History at UTEP is a dynamic program offering students a variety of opportunities. M.A. students may specialize in three concentrations: the standard M.A., which draws from a variety of historical areas; the Border History concentration; and the History Teaching concentration. Students may also select a minor in public history. Thesis and non-thesis degree plans are available. Teaching assistantships may also be available.


Students in the Master of Arts program also have the option of taking a minor in Public history. This minor emphasizes fields such as oral history, historic preservation, and archive and museum management. Students selecting this minor usually complete an internship that allows them to acquire experience in Public history.


Students may also pursue a Graduate Certificate in Teaching History. The Certificate consists of 18 credit hours of graduate courses in History. To be eligible to teach dual-credit courses (i.e., courses that offer credit for both high school and college simultaneously), teachers must have either 18 credit hours of graduate work in History and a master’s degree in another discipline, or an MA in History.


Applications for the M.A. program are available from the Graduate School at (915) 747-5491 or


Candidates for admission to the Master of Arts program and graduate certificate must provide:

  • A 2–3 page statement of purpose, describing your background, related skills and expertise, and specific interests and goals in the graduate program;

  • Transcripts from previous undergraduate and graduate work;

  • Two letters of recommendation; we highly encourage letters from university professors, and especially from those who specialize in history;


Please note that we do not require a GRE score, and we only require a TOEFL score of 213/550 or higher for international applicants whose first language is not English or who have not completed a university degree in the U.S.


Materials MUST be submitted through the UTEP Graduate School website: 

Contact Graduate Enrollment Coordinator David Vizcaino (915) 747-5491 for additional information.


Deadlines for candidates are:


Domestic students 

Spring: October 1

Fall: March 1


International students

Spring: September 1

Fall: March 1


For more information on the MA in History program please contact:

Graduate Secretary Clara Giroux at (915) 747-5508