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SAP ( is a world leader in business solutions, offering comprehensive software and services that can address unique needs.

"mySAP Business Suite" is a family of adaptive business solutions which optimizes the most critical business processes. Built on the SAP NetWeaver technology platform, mySAP Business Suite solutions can integrate seamlessly with virtually any system.

A high-level list of components of mySAP Business Suite within SAP R/3 includes:

• Financial accounting / asset accounting
• Cash management
• Funds management
• Investment management
• Controlling
• Enterprise controlling
• Project system
• Materials management
• Plant maintenance
• Sales and distribution
• Production planning
• ABAP/4 development workbench
• Basis with database interface
• Personnel administration and payroll
• Personnel planning and development
• Solution Manager for systems administration
  and implementation planning / management

Drexel University/SAP Competency Center hosts provide application hosting and systems management services, where you can login to access R/3 applications and support materials using the login information provided you with your orientation materials.

Additional applications within the mySAP Business Suite applications, beyond the traditional back-office functionality of R/3, include:

• mySAP Enterprise Portals (mySAP EP)
• SAP Strategic Enterprise Management (SAP SEM)
• SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW)
• mySAP Customer Relationship Management (mySAP CRM)
• SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer (APO)
• mySAP Supplier Relationship Management (mySAP SRM)

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The SAP University Alliances program enables schools of business, information technology and engineering to utilize SAP's software solutions in the academic environment. Through demonstrations, exercises and problems, case studies and research projects, students are able to put theory into practice, thereby enhancing their educational experience.

SAP has offered the University Alliances program to Universities around the world since 1988 and expanded into the Americas in 1995. Currently there are over 100 Alliance members in the United States, and more than 50 members in Canada and Latin America using SAP in the classroom.

Faculty utilize SAP in the classroom in a variety of ways. Some will focus on SAP’s analytical tools to teach students about decision making. Others stress process integration by demonstrating the impact that one transaction can have on many areas of a business. Still others will have students identify business requirements within a case study then configure an application to meet those requirements. A systems implementation course may utilize SAP’s implementation methodology and toolset to reinforce concepts taught during a lecture.

The goal is not to teach SAP software, but instead to reinforce the concepts faculty are teaching in the classroom by providing a real-life example for students to learn from.

The SAP University Alliances program provides faculty with the tools and resources necessary to make bringing technology into the classroom a reality. The goals of the program are to:

Support the development of graduate and undergraduate curricula to promote the teaching and understanding of integrated business processes

Develop more technically sophisticated graduates who are able to understand and apply enterprise systems technology

Develop a network of University Researchers who can contribute to the body of knowledge and innovative application of SAP solutions

The key deliverable for Alliance members is the development and implementation of an innovative curriculum plan that incorporates the concepts and technologies behind the mySAP Business Suite into credit programs (graduate and undergraduate) of the university.

Business today runs on software, and a University Alliances membership allows faculty and students to gain exposure to the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and e-business software with the largest market share in the Americas and the world.