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Operational Models for Supply Chain Management

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An examination of some of the major operational concepts and issues relating to the flow of materials, goods, services, and information through a company’s supply chain—the network of organizations that supply and transform materials and distribute final products to customers.  The course seeks to provide an understanding of the importance of individual components (suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and customers) in the operation of the supply chain.  It will emphasize inventory-service level tradeoffs, risk pooling, and other operational concerns.  Some of the more recent approaches designed for the effective and efficient operation of the supply chain will be discussed.  Students will also be introduced to two application software packages used for supply chain management, SimFlex and

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                  Dr. Rong Pan             Dr. Adriano O. Solis   
Office:       ENG 101N                  BUSN 221   
Phone:     (915) 747-5780          (915) 747-7757
Fax:           (915) 747-5019          (915) 747-5126
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Chapter 1 – Understanding the Supply Chain
Chapter 2 – Supply Chain Performance: Achieving Strategic Fit & Scope
Chapter 3 – Supply Chain Drivers and Obstacles
Chapter 4 – Designing the Distribution Network in a Supply Chain
Chapter 5 – Network Design in the Supply Chain
Chapter 6 – Network Design in an Uncertain Environment
Introduction to SimFlex (Supply Chain Simulation Software)
Exam 1
Chapter 7 – Demand Forecasting in a Supply Chain
Chapter 8 – Aggregate Planning in the Supply Chain
Chapter 10 – Managing Economies of Scale in the Supply Chain: Cycle Inventory
Chapter 11 – Managing Uncertainty in the Supply Chain: Safety Inventory
Chapter 13 – Sourcing Decisions in a Supply Chain
Exam 2
Chapter 16 – Coordination in the Supply Chain
Chapter 17 – Information Technology and the Supply Chain
Chapter 18 – E-Business and the Supply Chain
Introduction to
Exam 3
Project Presentations