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IE4395 / POM4399
Special Topics in IE / Current Topics in POM:
Tools and Techniques in Supply Chain Management


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  • This course will introduce some of the major operational concepts and issues relating to the flow of materials, goods, services, and information through a company's supply chain - the network of organizations that supply and transform materials and distribute final products to customers. It will emphasize the use of certain application software/information technology tools to manage, monitor, synchronize and optimize the material and information flows within an organization, as well as over a whole supply/distribution network. The student will practice on the SAP R/3 enterprise resource planning system to understand and execute the business cycles of procurement and distribution, and to integrate several business processes of a virtual trading company. SimFlex and SAP APO will be introduced as tools for simulating and optimizing the performance of a supply chain.
  • Introduction to the concept of Supply Chain Management
  • Modeling and analysis skills with SimFlex, simulation software
  • Intensive hand-on practice on SAP, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software
  • Projects with real manufacturing companies and real-world problems
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                  Dr. Rong Pan             Dr. Adriano O. Solis   
Office:       ENG 101N                  BUSN 221   
Phone:     (915) 747-5780          (915) 747-7757
Fax:           (915) 747-5019          (915) 747-5126
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Understanding supply chain management
From August 23, 2004 To September 06, 2004

Introduction to SAP
From September 06, 2004 To September 20, 2004

Procurement and Sales
September 20, 2004 To October 04, 2004

Business Process Intergration
October 04, 2004 To November 08, 2004

Supply Chain Simulation and Optimization
From November 09, 2004 To December 03, 2004